The Carding Mill Collection

Inspired by the craft of weaving, Carding Mill is a collection of subtle, textural patterns in timeless colours drawn from nature. The starting point for the collection is Carding Mill Valley, a small picturesque spot in the Shropshire Hills near the Welsh border in the UK. Falling somewhere between a pattern and a plain the small-scale, understated designs and refined palette derive from the natural environment - rocky outcrops, tumbling streams, mires and flushes, heathland, ferns and grassland.



    <p>This design is loosely based on woven fabric, known as dobby. It has a sophisticated feel and a distinctive 'dash' that adds a subtle texture.</p>


    <p>Fleck is inspired by a lock of wool, or a streak or speckle. This textural, handsome design is elevated by the repetitive placement of speckled light.</p>
  • RILL


    <p>This distilled design of a rill or stream evokes rivulets of fast flowing water echoing the rise and fall in the process of weaving.</p>


    <p>A scree is a natural slope made up of loose stony debris.  The scree pattern has a feeling of movement as if small pebbles or gravel are scattering.</p>
  • TUFT


    <p>Inspired by small clumps of grass, or threads, the Tuft pattern is imbued with a soft brush stroke that resembles grasses blowing in the wind</p>


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