Fabric Collections

  • The Coastland Collection

    The Coastland Collection

    <p>The Coastland Collection features Australian native flora and fauna and is inspired by the coastal landscape south of Sydney.</p>
  • The Crosshatch Collection

    The Crosshatch Collection

    <p>The Crosshatch Collection is a series of simple and striking patterns based on the sketching style of hand-drawn lines to denote different levels of 'shading'. The neat lines have been painted with strokes of watercolour, that become more complex as the numbers increase.</p>
  • The Omega Collection

    The Omega Collection

    <p>The Omega Collection features four hand-painted designs and takes its name from the Omega Workshops, an art and craft collective set up in 1913 by a group of artists who later became known as the Bloomsbury Set.<br /><br />On the cusp between the established styles of art &amp; craft and the movement towards modernism, the Omega artists’ passion was designing and making textiles, furniture and ceramics.<br />Our collection takes its cue from their free-style painting technique and their liberal use of pattern and colour.</p>
  • The Suketchi Collection

    The Suketchi Collection

    <p>A Japanese inspired collection reflecting symbols of the natural world – clouds, rivers, the sea, mountains –  that are often depicted in Japanese art. Painted with ink but in the manner of Ukiyo-e, a style of woodblock printing and painting that flourished in Japan from the 17th through to the 19th centuries. The term Ukiyo-e translates as ‘pictures of the floating world’ in which the sensual attributes of life  were celebrated under the peaceful rule of the Shoguns.</p>
  • The Watercolour Collection

    The Watercolour Collection

    <p>The Watercolour Collection is our first range of fabric patterns drawn from our favourite five wallpaper designs. Available in six colour ways, some of which closely match their wallpaper cousins and others that are new.  All are delicious! We hope you love them as much as we do.<br /><br /></p>
  • The Carding Mill Collection

    The Carding Mill Collection

    <p>Inspired by the craft of weaving, Carding Mill is a collection of subtle, textural patterns in timeless colours drawn from nature. The starting point for the collection is Carding Mill Valley, a small picturesque spot in the Shropshire Hills near the Welsh border in the UK. Falling somewhere between a pattern and a plain the small-scale, understated designs and refined palette derive from the natural environment - rocky outcrops, tumbling streams, mires and flushes, heathland, ferns and grassland.</p>


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