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How do I order fabric?

Our fabric is sold to the trade only. Go to the How to Order page for more information.

Is there a minimum order and what is the lead time?

Minimum quantity is 1m / 1 yard however orders for less than 3m / 3 yards are placed in a queue with other orders on the same base cloth, this may extend the lead time up to 6 weeks. Orders for 3m+ take 2-3 weeks. Different patterns/colours can make up the minimum.

Can the fabric be washed in the machine?

Yes, all our natural fabric can be washed in a cool machine wash. You can tumble dry them and use a hot iron.

Are the fabrics light fast?

No, the colours can fade in bright sunlight. We suggest you dry them in the shade.

Will the fabric shrink in the wash?

The fabrics are washed after printing and have already shrunk by 5%. This has been calculated into your order and you receive the full meterage/yardage ordered.



Our wallpaper is printed to order and sold in 10m (10 yard) rolls or per linear metre (yard), the width of the trimmed paper is 71cm (28”). Supplied untrimmed, the edges are double-cut during installation.

Before ordering please ensure that you have accurately checked your wall dimensions as we are unable to refund printed wallpaper. The description of each design includes details of width, repeat size and pattern match.

We endeavor to represent the printed colour of our wallpapers on our website as faithfully as we can, but we can’t control the colour settings of your monitor. If you’re looking to match our wallpaper to fabric or a paint colour, you must order a swatch.

What is non-woven wallpaper?

Non-woven wallpapers are a relatively recent innovation and becoming more and more popular as they’re very easy to install and easy to remove. They’re made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers and 100% PVC/vinyl free. Unlike traditional wallpapers they’re made of stable material and neither expand nor contract 

How lightfast is the wallpaper?

The wallpaper and ink we use have a very high resistance to UV.

Can I order the wallpaper in different colours?

Yes, we offer a custom colour service please contact us for more information.

Can you match any other colours?

Yes, we can closely match most colours. You’ll need to send a sample of the colour you would like matched. There is a charge for this service.

What is a pattern repeat and a pattern match?

Pattern repeat is the vertical distance between one point on a pattern design to the identical point vertically. A pattern match is the horizontal distance between one point on a design to the identical point adjacently. Designs with a straight match have patterns that match directly on adjoining panels. Designs with drop match have pattern matches with a vertical drop between adjoining panels.

Is the wallpaper washable?

Yes, the surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth and very mild detergent. It is NOT scrubbable, anything abrasive will remove the print.

Is it suitable for kitchens or bathrooms?

Reasonably suitable, this wallpaper is not vinyl nor can you scrub or scour it as the pattern will come away. The wallpaper does have a surface coating that makes it resistant to water penetration and is also made of breathable fibre, eliminating vapour lock that contributes to the cause of mould and mildew. However where there is poor ventilation it is advisable to avoid using wallpaper in bathrooms.

The wallpaper I ordered looks like it has been smudged and the pattern is mottled.

The artwork for some of our designs has intentional ‘water-marks’ and smudges. We love the washy effect when paint blurs into the paper. This is a part of the design and not a printing or shipping error. Please order a swatch if you are unsure about this look.

How do I buy the fabric and wallpaper?

Fabric and wallpapers are sold through our agents and distributors to the trade only. See our How To Buy page for details. For other Australian states and International enquiries please contact us.

What is the lead time?

We print and ship fabric orders within 3 weeks. Wallpaper is printed and shipped within 1 week. The products are usually shipped via courier and shipping time will depend on where you live.

How do you deliver my order?

Swatches ordered online are delivered by Australia Post. Fabric and wallpaper deliveries are sent by courier within Australia. Deliveries to other countries are sent by international courier and we’ll provide that information when we know where you live.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If your order has not already gone into production we’ll do what we can to meet your request however if the fabric or wallpaper has already been printed you cannot cancel your order. 

Can I return the fabric or wallpaper if I don’t like it?

No, all fabric and wallpaper is printed to order. We suggest you order a swatch to check if you like it before placing an order.

Can you help me estimate the wallpaper quantity for me?

Yes, email us the dimensions of your wall/s. Provide the height and length, ignoring standard doors and windows. We’ll send you a quantity estimate including a diagram of the area you plan to wallpaper for you to check before ordering. Alternately you may need to get a quote from a professional decorator who will estimate the quantities for you.

Can I hang the paper myself?

We suggest you use a professional decorator to hang the wallpaper however our wallpaper is easier to hang than traditional wallpaper.

Why is the wallpaper untrimmed?

All our wallpapers are supplied untrimmed. Untrimmed paper offers the best possible joining of panels through the double-cut trimming method on the wall. It also protects the edges during transit and storage.

What preparation does the wall need?

As with any redecoration project, correct preparation of surfaces is very important for a good result. Walls must be clean and dry. All cracks and holes must be filled and smoothed down with sandpaper. Before hanging wallpaper on an absorbent wall (cleaned plaster, new drywall etc.), the walls should be sized with wallpaper size, applied with brush or roller. If a glossy paint finish is to be covered, the surface must be thoroughly rubbed with sandpaper to provide a 'gripping' surface. If you are papering over a dark painted surface or a patchy wall it’s preferable to apply a coat of white water-based primer.

What paste do I use?

Use readily available heavy-duty paste suitable for non-woven wallpaper. Good brands include ROMAN and METYLAN.

Can I paint over the wallpaper?

This particular wallpaper has a waxy-like surface and is not suitable for painting over. It is dry-strippable and easy to remove.

How do I remove the paper?

The wallpaper easily comes away in one piece leaving no residue and without ripping. Lever a corner away from the wall with a knife or blade and slowly pull across the top of the paper and down.

Can you recommend a decorator or paper-hanger?

Yes, we have a list of suggested paper-hangers, please check the how to buy page.

What is your commitment to sustainability?

We strive to follow principles of sustainability in all our company activities. Our wallpaper is 100% vinyl and PVC free and made from sustainable and renewable resources. It is made from 30% recycled PCW (Post Consumer Waste) by total weight. We design and manufacture locally and print to demand, reducing the potential waste of unused paper. The paper by-product of our manufacturing process is recycled. We use eco-solvent inks and stay ahead of developments in new ink technologies.



Please note that we do not store any financial details (credit & debit card information) of our customers. Nor do we share any personal details with third parties.



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