The Watercolour Collection

The Watercolour Collection consists of richly patterned and colourful wallpapers inspired by vintage textiles and embroideries from Europe and the Middle East. Multi-coloured and painterly, all the designs have been initially hand-painted with water colour. The patterns are drawn in a broad and light manner and many of the marks wash into and blot the paper, it's these imperfections that give the collections a natural and spontaneous character.



    <p>This pattern has a transparency and lightness that is beguiling. Soft and shadowy yet rendered in punchy colours it references the itajime shibori style of Japanese dyeing.</p>


    <p>Inspired by the Shibori dying technique of Japan, this design has a wonderful handmade quality. When the original design was hand painted the watercolours were encouraged to ‘bleed’ as they absorbed, creating a soft and fuzzy line.</p>
  • MILL


    <p>MILL is a dynamic and timeless design featuring jewel like colours and an engaging rhythmic pattern.</p>


    <p>BARGELLO or 'flame stitch' is a 17th Century embroidered cloth, originally from the Bargello Palace in Florence. This pattern is large-scale interpretation of the technique with the washes of watercolour layered in graded translucent shades</p>


    <p>KILIM is a large-scale geometric pattern based on a traditional Middle Eastern Kilim. The design has a lovely wonkiness and really does look like it's just been loosely painted on the wall. </p>


    <p>Inspired by a vintage 'diamond' Kilim TAPESTRY is a hand-painted design of small overlapping squares. The watercolour marks and washes bleed into the paper in a beautiful painterley effect - like an old, worn rug.</p>


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