The Omega Collection

The Omega Collection features four hand-painted designs and takes its name from the Omega Workshops, an art and craft collective set up in 1913 by a group of artists who later became known as the Bloomsbury Set.

On the cusp between the established styles of art & craft and the movement towards modernism, the Omega artists’ passion was designing and making textiles, furniture and ceramics.
Our collection takes its cue from their free-style painting technique and their liberal use of pattern and colour.



    <p>LOTUS is a fresco-like repeat pattern with a stylised lotus flower motif.</p>
  • RA


    <p>RA is inspired by the craze for all things Egyptian around the time of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. It is the stylized eye of the Egyptian sun god.</p>


    <p>Facet is a painterly pattern of shimmering cut glass.</p>
  • OTTO


    <p>Otto is a bold coin like design of interlocking circles.</p>


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